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Sekwohn and Marysa’s Wedding

See Sekowhn and Marysa’s engagement session here!

As soon as Jeremy walked into the Groomsmen’s Airbnb and saw not only pizza socks but flamingo socks as well, he knew that this wedding was going to be special. It was, in fact. We love these images from Sekwohn and Marysa’s DIY wedding. They had In-N-Out for dinner, cupcakes for dessert, very sweet toasts, and some awesome dance moves. Sekwohn and Marysa’s love was an easy one to capture, and we are so stoked that they are going to have these photos to remind them of this special day forever. Big thanks to Alyssa Hirsch who planned the whole thing, and to the Hidden Oaks Retreat Center in Rancho Cucamonga for having us.